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Original Abstract Fine Art "Fading and Growing"

Original intuitive, abstract fine art on Yupo paper mounted onto wood and floats 2" from wall using a new wood back hanging system- (see photo). Email for additional photos.
    • Title: "Fading and growing"
    • Measures: 26" H x 20" W x .75"
    • Materials: Yupo Paper, alcohol inks, and acrylic ink
    • Mounted on .75" wood
    • Edges painted white
    • Clear fine art gloss varnish
    • Signed and dated on the front and back.

      Great little details and textures in this piece! Dreamy whimsical art by mixed media artist C.Cambrea.

      "I have an intuitive approach to painting and love the unpredictability of alcohol inks. I lose myself in a space that inspires me to continue to make art as often as possible! I would LOVE to make an original work of art for you.
      Contact me to paint a custom piece!" -C.Cambrea

-Sincerely Joy ✌️