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Original Abstract Fine Art "Fading and Growing"

Original intuitive, abstract fine art on Yupo paper mounted onto wood and floats 2" from wall using a new wood back hanging system- (see photo). Email for additional photos.
    • Title: "Fading and growing"
    • Measures: 26" H x 20" W x .75" (hangs 2" from wall with wood mount)
    • Materials: Yupo Paper, alcohol inks, and acrylic ink
    • Mounted on .75" wood
    • Edges painted white
    • Clear fine art gloss varnish
    • Hangs 2" from wall
    • Signed and dated on the front and back.]

      Great little details and textures in this piece! Dreamy whimsical art by mixed media artist C.Cambrea.

      "I have an intuitive approach to painting and love the unpredictability of alcohol inks. I lose myself in a space that inspires me to continue to make art as often as possible! I would LOVE to make an original work of art for you.
      Contact me to paint a custom piece!" -C.Cambrea

-Sincerely Joy ✌️