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Original Fine Art 'Raise a Hand' on canvas


    • Title: 'Raise a Hand'
    • Measures: 20" H x 10" W x 1.5" D
    • Materials: Mixed media on canvas
    • Varnished for protection
    • Signed and dated on the front and back
    • Wired and ready to hang

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      Intuitive mixed media art painting on canvas by C.Cambrea.

      "Hey friends, visit me on Instagram- 
      "I have an intuitive approach to painting. I love playing with a variety of mediums that create flat patterns and textures that I can look into to pull out all the creatures and shapes that live within the paint. I lose myself in a space that inspires me to continue to make art as often as possible!"

    •  Contact me  to paint a custom piece just for you!" - C. Cambrea