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September 01, 2023

I'm beyond excited to finally introduce my M3TA PETZ Collection! After a year and a half of birthing them this 100 piece NFT collection is dropping fall 2023 (date TBA). Each element was hand drawn by me C.Cambrea @M3TAPETZ 


Who are the M3TA PETZ?

In the enchanting land of Petzville, nestled amidst rolling hills of iridescent grass and crystalline waters, a group of creatures with extraordinary magical abilities were born. These remarkable beings were none other than the M3TA PETZ family, a clan of 100 siblings, each as vibrant and magical as the next. With the potential to grow their family to a staggering 500, the diversity within this family knew no bounds. 

Their homeland, however, had been slowly losing its enchantment, no longer a suitable haven for their existence. This realization prompted the M3TA PETZ siblings to embark on a grand quest, one that would take them far beyond the borders of Petzville, to a distant and mystical realm known as the Metaverse.

With hearts full of determination and guided by the shimmering constellations of cyberspace, they set out on their journey, seeking loving homes and caring adoptees who would not only welcome them but also bestow upon them the gift of a name and an endless reservoir of love and companionship.

Each of these unique Petz possessed personalities as diverse as the colors of a dazzling rainbow. Some were mischievous, their antics as playful as the dancing lights of a digital aurora, while others exuded an aura of docility and kindness that was as soothing as a tranquil forest glade. Yet, beneath their enchanting exteriors, all of them harbored intricate emotions, voices, and secrets that yearned to be discovered by their future caretakers.

These magical companions promised to infuse a touch of wonder and enchantment into the lives of their adoptees. With every interaction, they would serve as a constant reminder of the extraordinary and often overlooked marvels that existed within the boundless expanse of the universe.

As they ventured onward through the ever-shifting digital landscapes of the Metaverse, the M3TA PETZ siblings knew that their quest was not only about finding new homes but also about kindling a profound connection between two worlds. In this grand odyssey, both the adoptees and their magical companions would discover the infinite possibilities of love, friendship, and the enduring enchantment that dwelled within their own hearts.


Owner Info

The first owner will be given naming rights to their adopted PETZ. 

7 super rare PETZ to include a signed, numbered 1/1, dated, 20" x 20" giclee reproduction on heavy stock textured 300gsm paper. 


Visions of the Future for M3TA PETZ

This project is still open to brands, animators, and creative director collaborators. Collaborators and perspective buyers can contact us at M3TAPETZ@gmail.com

New PETZ Collection TBD

Examples of Brand Application

Who's behind M3TA PETZ?

Artist: Cristine Cambrea AKA C.Cambrea @ccambrea

Managing Director: Pierre Martin @pmac007

Artwork ©️ C.Cambrea 2023

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